Experimenta Design 2015 / Emoji / Portuguese expressions

Invited by the EXD´15 Bienal, on the theme “As far as the mind can see“, we developed the “Pictograph” project to integrate the structural bienal program. To this end, we have decided to approach a new “universal alphabet” that grew immensely during the past few years and was adopted by many, being primarily used in digital media to express ideas and emotions – The Emoji. We have illustrated a set of Portuguese expressions through the graphical interpretation of this alphabet, by using its symbols and meanings. To every expression was associated a set of symbols to create a graphic communication that can travel beyond borders.

Work exhibited at The Independente Hostel & Suites, Príncipe Real, Lisboa.

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30 x 40 cm / Silkscreen Pop Set 240grs / 4 editions of 20