Curadoria: Ateliermob /  Fotografia: Fernando Guerra (FG+SG) /  Design gráfico: Love St. / Mar. 2014

Given the theme of the exhibition – Portuguese architects out there – we started from the idea “leaving our mark abroad”. We suggested this concept through some of the most common and least pretentious graphic objects: the stencil, the stamp and the postmark. These were portrayed in a versatile manner, easily identifiable whether on a sheet of paper, an object or a wall; and meant to express a feeling or an identity. On the other hand, the stencil transmits a “made in…” vibe, or something that comes from abroad. The logo was developed in two blocks, and allows a wide range of uses and variations due to its “brick by brick” characteristics. The blue color  emphasizes the theme of the exhibition and gives strength and dignity to the identity.